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Your writing and editing process — guest posts on our blog


A couple of weeks ago I asked my mailing list if they’d be interested in writing a guest blog post for the SmartEdit or Atomic Scribbler websites. A few dedicated writers took up the challenge and the first post went live on Monday.

Ed Cobleigh, whose bio reads like a character from a Tom Clancy novel, penned a great piece describing his writing process and how SmartEdit fits into it.

Going With the Flow — Writing Downhill with SmartEdit

If you have a writing or editing process you’d like to share with the world, drop me an email. Your post will appear on one of the two blogs and will include a full bio with backlinks to your website or social media accounts. You don’t have to mention SmartEdit or Atomic Scribbler.

And I’ll toss in an Amazon gift card for good measure.


I can write something up for you. Do you have an approximate word count?


800 words+ would be ideal. I’ve sent you a PM with a little more information.