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Would but not would

I’ve been using SmartEdit Writer for about a week or so, and I’ve noticed something about the word ‘would’. When I check the repeated words list ‘would’ does not show up.

Below I have an arbitrary paragraph in which the word ‘would’ should have been listed 13 times but nowhere does it show up on the repeated words list.

Any idea why this is happening?

I would if I could but then why would I? You would do that too if you would be in my shoes and then she said something that would have done irreparable damage. You would have seen it if you had been where I am standing now. Would you have said the same thing, the same thing that I said to her. It would have made you very angry. Would you buy a horse for that much money. She paid 125,000 dollars and she would have paid a whole lot more if I hadn’t been there. I would never allow her to pay that much for a… I would have said nag, but I like horses myself, but I would never have paid anything over 5,000 dollars especially for a loser like that.

Check the Exclusion list for Repeated Words. You’ll probably find ‘would’ in the list.