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Word Spacing After New Sentence

Not sure if this only happens to me so thought I’d ask:

Often, when I start a new sentence, particularly using the letter ‘I’, hit space and start the next word no space is created i.e. the letter ‘I’ concatenates with the next word. To me it happens often enough to the point where it is now becoming an annoyance.

I don’t type super fast, maybe fast between the letter ‘I’ and the next word, but I don’t have that problem when typing in other word processors.

Is it just me or have others noticed this?

FWIW, I type very fast, and I’ve never experienced this with SEW in all its versions.

I can’t duplicate this at all. The default is for the first word of a new sentence to be auto capitalised, but this only changes the first character to uppercase, it doesn’t overwrite or re-write the entire word.