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Word repetition

I’ve just spent hours and days checking a manuscript only to discover now that the repeated word function is not operating accurately; it’s not picking them up and by a considerable number!
I can’t work out why. Has anybody else found this?

Hi Nigel,
Welcome to the forum and the SE community. :slight_smile:

Your description is not detailed enough, so I want to make a few things sure first, trying to help you. There could be several reasons for this, ranging from what’s often called ‘finger trouble’ (no offense intended) to missing updates.

(1) To see whether SEW is correctly working, open the sample file Huckleberry Finn from within the Project Manager.
(2) Once the file is open, select ‘Smart Edit Editor’ at the top navigation.
(3) When the Editor is open, click on he option ‘Repetitions’ (see image).

(4) Once the check has finished, the repetions are shown at the column on the right side.
(5) Since there are multiple checks included, only the first option is shown (see image).

(6) Click on the Pull Down Menu symbol to see all the checks revealed, and select the one you need (see image).


If all this works correctly, then there is nothing wrong with SEW’s installation.

If the repetions don’t show like this, then there are a few things I would like you to check next as follows:

(7) Make sure you have all Windows OS updates installed and are current with it.

(8) Make sure you have the latest .NET Framework installed as well. But as far as I know, it comes with the SEW installation file.

(9) Finally, make sure you have the latest version of SEW (v7.4) installed.
That should take care of it. I’m not asking you which version of Win OS you run on your PC, as SEW is apparently installed and runs. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,


Hi Hamaer,
Thanks for replying.
I can’t see there’s anything wrong with the functionality. It works exactly as you have described and I’ve been using the editor constantly for days now. It’s just that when I made a final check for a particular scene for word repetition ( the word ‘stone’ as I had made a manual check and counted 17, it only listed 6! and I can see them quite clearly on a printout of the said scene as well as on screen) I appreciate what you said about ‘finger trouble’, ‘senior moments’ etc but I just can’t see how in this scenario.
I’m not technically minded but I notice I have the 7.2 version (downloaded on 22/8) but surely this wouldn’t make a difference. The files I load onto SEW are rtf files which seem to load OK

Hi Nigel,

I went quick over to the change log and copied the version changes. I place them here for you.

Excerpt from SEW Change Log:

Version 7.4 (September 7th, 2019)

  1. Fix to word processor issue that increased word spacing when typing with justified text.

Version 7.3 (September 4th, 2019)

  1. Insert symbol dialog added to the word processor toolbar.
  2. “Print Active Tree” button added to the Actions & Tools toolbar. This allows you to print the structure of your Document, Research or Fragments tree.
  3. Fix to “Export as a Single Document,” where formatting was occasionally lost.
  4. Fix to Undo errors in the word processor.

Version 7.2 (July 20th, 2019)

  1. No new functionality in this release.
  2. Microsoft .Net framework has been rolled back to an earlier version that is installed on more PCs.

=== end of excerpt ===

You say you import RTF files into SEW, and some of the words are not shown in the Repeat section. I’m just thinking… can it be that you did some formatting like italic or bold or whatever in your RTF files?
I’m not sutre if that’s the reason, but it almost sounds as if something is not right with your RTF files. You know that formatting information are not visible but embedded in your document, be it a Word file or an RTF file.

That could cause some issues sometimes. To rule this out, save those RTF files [which contain the not shown words] to a TXT file without any formatting. Then import those files again to SEW and see if that solves the problem.

Either way, I still would go and install v7.4 on your PC. Regardless of what’s going on, you should have the latest version [and updates] on your computer.


Is the count incorrect, or is it the number of sentences displayed that appears incorrect? If the count displayed in the list at the top is incorrect, and stays incorrect after you re-run the check, then it is a problem.

If the count is correct but the number of sentences appears incorrect, this is usually because a single sentence that contains the same repeated word more than once is only shown once. So ‘stone’ could appear 17 times in a scene but in only 6 sentences.

Hi Hans,
Just to tell you I carried out your suggestion. The particular document does indeed contain a lot of text in italics, and I began to suspect whether this was the problem, so I converted it all to standard font style, ran a check, and also converted it to a txt file.
On both results however, the results were worse! On all checks, not just repeated words, it came up with zero results!! (well, apart from punctuation) so I’m more confused than ever.
It doesn’t look like I can rely on SEW in spite of my many hours in front of it…

Nigel, There is one thing that really bugs me. You never replied whether your Windows OS has all patches and updates installed. You just referred to the ‘functionality’ as O.K. which doesn’t say anything about patches being current.

If all goes bad even with .txt files, than I recommend, that you (a) really make sure that all your Win patches are up to date, and (b) go back to the basics. Something is wrong and it’s not SEW.

Go, and uninstall SEW, not just deleting the folders. Use the uninstall routine.
Then clean your computer up, download the latest SEW version (v7.4), and install SEW again.

BTW, Darren had asked you a question about number of words vs. number of sentences. Although you never answered, I guess this is now obsolete with the created mess you reported.

Something is wrong. It’s either with the system, or something went wrong during installation of SEW. But it certainly is not the program itself.


I see a problem also. For the word “church” I manually see 9 occurrences in 4 paragraphs.

SEW shows a count of 4 and 3 paragraphs.

Using Ctrl F - Find on the scene, finds all 9 occurrences.

I’m running SEW 7.4

The problem still occurs if you re-run the check Vicki?

Also, are you running the check against Dialogue & Prose or only Dialogue. Excluding dialogue would account for a difference in many cases.

Ah, I see what threw it off. These were notes I’d copied from an email. The paragraph that begins “Here is a photo” had an opening quote, but the closing quote didn’t come until the end of the 3rd paragraph.

When I deleted both those quotation marks, SE came up with the correct number. Well it counted 8. It didn’t count the one in Palace Livery/church.

I had both Dialogue & Prose selected for all those tests.

A problem with Windows is going to cause more serious issues than a discrepancy in word repetitions in SEW. Personally, I don’t think this is a good way to respond to newcomers to the forum & SEW. :frowning:

Same for the installation of SEW. If you’ve noticed no other glitches in the program other than inaccurate word counts, it’s likely not a problem with the SEW installation. Of course, it’s always advisable to have the most recent updates installed.

The slash between the two words is not seen as a recognised word break character, which accounts for that.

The multi paragraph quote is interesting. When SmartEdit fails in some way it often fails due to incorrectly structured text or un-handled structures in the text. Sometimes unusual characters or missing spaces or capital letters, other times unexpected instances like missing open or close quotes.