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Word Count Problem

I don’t know if this is just me, but the word count for scenes seems to update very slowly and sometimes not at all. And in the project manager, one of my projects should say 5,550 words (or something close to it) but it doesn’t. Is this a bug? If not, why doesn’t it update in real time/how can I force it to update?

The Project word count is updated only when you close a project. It’s not a live word count like the scene word count is. It only counts scenes in your Document. Notes and any scenes in Fragments or in the Research area are excluded.

I was talking about the scene count. For some reason it’s not actively updating the word count. Should it be updating as I type or when I stop typing?

The scene count updates a few seconds after you stop typing. It doesn’t update as you type.

Hey Darren, thanks for putting the scene count real-time updater in! I’ve been waiting for that for a long time. I guess I didn’t notice when it came out. A few seconds delay is fine. My brain is a few seconds delayed as well so it’s a good match for me . . . I just wanted it in. You are the best.