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Word Count Fail

I am new to your software. I’m loving it so far!! However, my word counter is refusing to record my words. I closed the program and re-opened it. It didn’t change. Help please! I’d really like to use this feature.

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Which word count are you referring to? There are four different types of word counts in SmartEdit Writer. Two of them are outlined here:

The third is the count that appears for the currently opened scene at the top right of the SmartEdit window. The fourth is the count that appears next to the project name in the Project Manager.

I just came across this thread, and did a quick check. My char count for a test doc with one short scene is as follows:

All scenes in document: Words = 0, Characters. = 0
Current scene: Words = 88, Characters = 485
All scenes in document: Words = 88, Characters. = 485

So it appears that SEW doesn’t update the document count until the current scene count has been displayed. Perhaps this only happens if there is only one scene. Or, perhaps there are significant errors in document counts if the current scene is large and has never been counted explicitly.

I think ajacob29 has uncovered a little bug!

This was on a computer still running 7.6, however, so I’ll update SEW and test again.

[… time passes …]

Running 7.8 now.
Opened previous trivial test doc.
Deleted test scene (88 words).
Upper right word count still reads 88. No way to remove deleted text. Should read 0.
No scenes are open. Current = 88, All = 0.
Select original empty Scene 1. Top right = 88. Current = 0, All = 0.

Entered text in old empty Scene 1. Top = Current = All = 50.

So there IS a bug, but it may only happen when working with the first scene that contains text. I deleted the last scene and created a new one and pasted a larger block of text.

Top = Current = All = 221

Looks like it may be a boundary condition issue related to initialized document, and (probably) self-corrects after certain changes have triggered re-counting.


The issue here, with a new project and a new scene, is that the “All scenes in Document” won’t count the new scene words until a save has occurred. There’s a tiny window here with a new scene where the word count won’t come up, but it’s very small.

There is an issue with continuing to display the on screen scene count after the scene has been deleted.

I suspected that, and could have sworn the light blue 3.5" disc had turned grey, but I might have missed it in my ecstasy over having found a tiny harmless buglet.