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Word count always in sight?


I work as a copywriter, and I think Atomic Scribbler is just the sotfware I was looking for. But I noticed it’s lacking a feature that I really need for my job -updated and always in sight word count.

I need to know how many words I’ve written in every scene -since I use a “scene” for every article- and I can’t stop every few minutes to change tabs and check my word count -I know in advance how many words I have to write per article, and it affects how to keep writing them.
My main problem is that if I open the window with the word count, the software doesn’t allow me to keep writing. The Daily Word Count looked nice, but it makes the count by day, and I need to know how many words every scene has. Other software, like Scrivener or even Word just add the updated and simplified word count at the bottom of the page.

Am I missing something, can I change the settings of the software to solve this problem, or is it a feature that Atomic Scribble still doesn’t have?

Thank you for your help



A continuous, rolling word count isn’t a feature that has been built into Atomic Scribbler. We may add one in the future, but it’s a larger piece of work than just making the number visible.


Hi Darren, I asked for this a while back in a post, so you have my second vote for this running word count feature. However, no hurry. Understood that this is not a simple feature to code. But looking forward to it some day for the same reason Laura is asking for it. Great program, great work, now with SmartEdit nothing else compares in simplicity and usefulness to just write the writing. Thanks!


Thank you for your response. I don’t know anything about programming, but I guess it isn’t an easy feature to code. I like Atomic Scribbler a lot, so I will be looking forward next updates and improvements.