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Word cont - not working

Dear developer,

I use 8.5 version, but I see word counter: once worked, but since then not. I get zero numbers always. On header and footer I see correct number, but no logged in word count records.
What’s my problem?

I haven’t been able to duplicate this. The daily word count is still working fine for me. Are you editing as well as writing new content? If you write 50 words in one scene but delete 60 words from another scene, your word count for that day will show 0.

Also, are you writing in a scene in your Document, or in Fragments or Research. Only Document scenes are counted as part of the daily word count.

Ah, it’s clear! I correcting a document, and change many words. I thought that thic counter just count my words, and that’s all. A log what wrote daily words numbers like a statistic, not only positive addons. :frowning:
Thanks for help!