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Windows 11 compatibility

Hi and thanks for letting me join the forum.
I have been using SmartEdit Writer for about a year now on my Widows 10 PC. I will soon be buying a new PC which will have Windows 11 pre-installed. Will I still be able to use SmartEdit Writer?

There’s no reason it won’t work on Windows 11. I haven’t tested it yet, but Microsoft are generally good about not breaking older tech with newer upgrades.

Hi Darren.
Thanks for your reply. It’s a case of wait and see I guess. I have already found that a couple of bits of software that I use a lot are not going to work with Win11. One of those is a Microsoft product. I am going to be keeping my old Win10 PC up and running alongside my new one for the time being until Win11 settles down a bit, so at least I have a backup plan in place.


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