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WIndows 10 Tabs Support


Microsoft is currently working on the Tabs feature that will appear this fall. For us, writers will be a lot easier when writing and collecting information. I am concerned, however, if Atomic Scribler will support this functionality. This feature is to be available to all win32 apps with the default top bar.

Will you make any changes so that Atomic Scribler can handle the Tabs on the release date of the new system version in the fall?


Wow! Win10’s version for this spring hasn’t been distributed yet, and you are concerned about something that might be available two version further down the road in fall?


Um, Hamaer, having a rough day?
My first post. I know you are an important contributor to Atomic Scribbler and this community. So, may I suggest that you re-read the following (below) welcome screen for the forum. Novos has the right to ask any question he/she pleases as far in advance as he or she feels is necessary and is due a respectful and helpful, even a welcoming response. Your expression of disdain for the question and therefore the questioner would make many newcomers or less assertive members begin to avoid this forum. I hope Novos isn’t too put off by your response. Better to remain silent if you don’t have an answer to someone’s question and let those who have the answer make the response. Luckily I am of the more assertive type and will continue to frequent this forum and ask any question I please regardless of your personal opinion of my input. I want Atomic Scribbler to succeed and for all interested parties to feel welcome here, yourself included. So, what is the actual answer to Novos’s question? I’m guessing no one knows yet as you imply. Maybe the person working on the code itself has an idea though and can reply to Novos. Here’s the welcome screen for your review:

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Didn’t seem he was being particularly harsh, nor did he tell the person that they couldn’t ask. He just expressed incredulity, which it seems would be his right also. Just food for thought.


Good question. It’s unlikely to be supported out of the box, without modifications to Atomic Scribbler.

The issues I see at the moment are that the main Atomic Scribbler project window is usually the second window that opens, not the first. You click on the project name inside the Project Manager and that then launches the second window. If a project were pinned to a tab set then this would need to work differently.

Second issue relates to the fact that a project cannot be opened twice at the same time. If issue 1 were dealt with, you could then have a situation where the same project were linked to more than one tab set, leading to a problem. This wouldn’t be a problem for browser windows, explorer windows, etc. Which is what the new Tabs are being touted for.

But it’s early days. I’ll have to see how the tabs work in practice first, and who’s using them.


Hi chuckdee, food for thought taken and digested. Thanks for your input. Incredulity expressed publicly at someone’s innocent and legitimate question or idea is a form of shaming. Mild though it may seem, it is still shaming. (e.g. “I can’t believe you are so naive/silly/uninformed as to think or express that thought.”) Bon appetit. Thank you Darren for your always thoughtful, kind, thorough, and informative answers to anyone’s question. You are the epitome of well considered forum etiquette and to be emulated.


If taken in that way or spoken in that way, sure. But that didn’t seem like how it was done, and your response was a bit harsh and even a bit condescending, and perhaps by some could be considered a form of shaming also? But at this point, it’s a non-issue, so perhaps we should leave it at that. Thanks.