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Will there be a daily word count?


How about a daily tracker of how many words I write? And maybe in a way that can show weekly or monthly progress so I can see how far I’ve come and how much work is left.

This would be especially useful for NaNo in November, where you have a set target to meet in a short amount of time.


Not at this time. I consider this to be an advanced feature that would be of interest to only a small number of users. This decision is based on the takeup of a Word Add In I released in 2016 called TimeKeeper for Word, which had a number of features to document daily word counts and time spent working on a document. It generated little interest from writers.

As such, features such as daily word counts, performance graphs and metrics have a very low priority.


FWIW, I’d actually like some tracking functionality, too. When you’re working on multiple files, making small changes here and there, it’s nice and motivational to know how much you’re actually accomplishing.


Thanks Meriah. With this sort of functionality, it’s good to hear from as many people as possible. It often turns out that things I consider obscure or of little benefit are actually desired by a lot of people.