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Version 2.30 Released


Version 2.3 has just been released. As with the last version, this release contains a number of usability improvements along with some bug fixes. Most of the smaller suggestions made here on the forum have been implemented and all reported bugs should now be fixed.

A few of the bugs were impossible to reproduce, but ‘fixes’ were implemented anyway. If you find that any bugs are not fixed, let me know.

You can download from here.

Changes in this release include:

  • Drag and drop to move tabs around
  • Current tab is highlighted with blue text
  • Shortcut keys to navigate quickly between open tabs (Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab)
  • New right click menu to close tabs in bulk
  • Single click open for scenes and notes. Off by default but option to switch on is on the Settings dialog
  • Word count dialog expanded to show character count as well
  • New links on the Help toolbar to Knowledge Base articles (more for new users)
  • Super and subscript buttons removed from the word processor toolbar (will they be missed?)
  • Previously open Research tree scenes and notes remembered when opening a project
  • Various bug fixes as reported by users


These improvements are most welcome. Thanks! Drag/drop tabs is extremely helpful for my workflow. The blue highlight is also a big improvement to visibility of current tab.

I don’t use supers and subs much, so I won’t miss super-easy access to them. The font menu is quite sufficient.

I did notice that Ctrl-G doesn’t seem to do anything useful when the focus is in a Note in the right side panel. It seems to take me to the “first” note, no matter what note I’m in when I press Ctrl-G. I put first in quotes, because the topmost note seems to be the first one I created, rather than the topmost note in the chapter tree on the left. I would expect Ctrl-G in a note body to highlight that note in the tree. Otherwise, it’s impossible to tell what chapter the current note is in. (Imagine several notes in a project, and one of them says, “He’s jealous.” That could refer to several characters, but for some reason I neglected to name the note in a useful manner, so many of them are called “New note”.)

IAC, thanks for the update. The only organizational feature I still pine for is some tree opening and closing commands. Close all chapters, open all, etc. This would be enhanced also by being able to select multiple chapters (close/open selected chapters).




I’ll try to implement the [manual] changes this weekend. Otherwise you guys have to wait till next week.



Good catch with the Ctrl+G issue for the notes. The corresponding right click menu option inside the note does work correctly though, so if you could use this until I put in a fix.


Whenever you can get to it would be great. The only text change in the Knowledge Base is to add in the Ctrl+Tab shortcuts to the shortcuts page. Apart from that, a few of the screenshots have changed — Settings dialog and toolbars in particular.