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Version 1.03 released — Word Processor improvements


The latest beta update was released today. This update includes a number of additions and fixes to the word processor, improving it and bringing it more in line with the out of the box functionality of Microsoft Word. This includes a full auto-correct feature along with minor enhancements such as auto-capitalising the first character of a new sentence.

These options can be switched off when required from the Spelling options dialog, accessible from the main Spelling dialog. As with the spell checker, only the English language is currently supported.

Update: A bug in the autocorrect meant a quick push of version 1.05 this evening. (17th Sep)

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How do I get to the Spelling Options box shown in the above post? I can’t find it anywhere. I need to turn off the capitalization of the first word in a sentence. Every time I use an abbreviation that has a period at the end, the program thinks it’s the end of the sentence and I am unable to manually override the correction.


Click the spelling button on the toolbar. If a word is misspelt the Spelling dialog will open. From here, click Options.

Alternatively, when a word is capitalised incorrectly, use Ctrl+Z to undo – this will remove the capilatisation but leave the lowercase character behind.


Haha, thanks! I never would have guessed that you have to spell something wrong to get to the spelling options. That’s what I get for being a spelling champ! :slight_smile:

I should have thought of trying Ctrl+Z. Good to know. Thanks for your help.