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V 1.22 — Fix to drag/drop problem


Thanks to Dave S. For reporting this one yesterday.

There was a bug in the current version (1.2) that manifested when a folder was dragged and dropped to a new position in the tree. Adding a new scene or note to the folder after the move caused it to revert to its old position. This has been fixed.

To install, download the fix from the link below, close Atomic Scribbler if it’s open, and run the installation.

Download here >


I am afraid, that some problem with Drag & Drop still remains.

If I Drag and move Scene A upwards before Scene 1, it is inserted as a sub-scene (“Child level”) only:

I am unable to arrange the Scenes in the needed order using Drag & Drop.
An ability to shuffle the Scenes quickly and easily is vital.

It would be very useful to have some options (Side Menu or Context Menu) for moving Leafs (Scenes or Fragments) UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, like I do it in my ancient Secure Notes Organizer with arrow buttons:

It is much more convenient and reliable than fruitless playing with Drag & Drop.
Thank you in advance.


When you’re dropping something (a folder, scene or note), there will usually be two ways to drop depending on what you’re dropping onto. You can drop inside an item, in which case the item you’re dropping becomes a child of the other item. This is what’s happening in your case. Or you can drop above the other item, which is the behaviour you’re looking for.

To see which is about to happen, you need to look at the small icon that appears before you drop. See the screenshots below. The green arrow means you are about to drop inside another item. The blue arrow means you are about to drop above. The blue arrow will appear when you drag slightly above the item you’re looking to drop onto.

These are the permissions for dropping inside other items: Folders can contain other folders, scenes and notes. Scenes can contain other scenes and notes. And notes can contain other notes.


Thank you for clarification.
Yes, finally I managed to master the Drag & Drop technique, in spite of some difficulties my old arthritic hands.
I believe that your solution is much more stylish than my ideas though. :slight_smile:
I keep exploring the options comparing with the PageFour.
It looks very handy so far.