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User-made themes?

Hi, was wondering if there was any way of creating user-made themes? I like to swap themes based on the project I’m on, and I wouldn’t mind putting in the work to create my own custom themes to apply for each project. I’m a front-end developer by day, so I’m willing to put in the work on my own, even if it’s a super ugly system that will give me a theme that can never be distributed :slight_smile:

If there’s not a way to access this from the user end, I swear I’m not asking for anything from you! This is more out of curiosity than anything.

No, that’s not possible. I can build new themes myself and add them to the app, but that ability isn’t exposed. Sorry.

Thanks for letting me know! It’s probably for the best, haha - if I could make them, I’d spend way too much time doing so instead of writing. I appreciate your fast response!