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Update policy on A.S. integrated SmartEdit?


I’m seriously thinking about buying the A.S. integrated SmartEdit option (new year, new software budget!), but I’m a bit confused as to how updates to SmartEdit are handled “inside” Atomic Scribbler. Will I be frozen at whatever level of SmartEdit was current at the time of purchase? Will I be able to upgrade to the latest version of SmartEdit when the next version comes out?

As far as I know, Atomic Scribbler is the only ‘authorship’ type program that can actually integrate with a post writing editing aid, and that holds a great appeal for me. BUT, I don’t want to be locked into an older version of SmartEdit 3 or 4 years down the road.


You won’t find yourself stuck with an old version of SmartEdit. The SmartEdit code modules are shared between the two products. This means that any new Atomic release automatically picks up SmartEdit changes as it’s released.

The only time delays between the two would be additional features going into Atomic that delays a release. So for example, there’ll be a new SmartEdit for Word going out in about a week with Windows framework updates. These changes will roll out to Atomic probably a couple of weeks after that as there’s extra features going into Atomic at the same time that aren’t finished yet.