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UNIQUE constraint failed: DisplayTrees.ItemId

Unexpected error

Is this fixable?
Trying to add a new scene. and I get that error.

In file “debug” I found
[0109/] FindFirstFile: The system cannot find the path specified. (0x3)

Send me the log file for the problem happened. Also, have you been using a shared folder such as Dropbox to sync more than one instance of the project?

I was trying to establish a real time back up of my project by using google drive. At some point google drive ask me if I wanted to remove or restore an item that had been moved. I think that is when the problem started.

Maybe I should also add that I am able to add scenes in other projects. Just not the one that my book is in.

It looks like the database at the center of your project has become corrupt.This could easily have been caused by Google Drive making changes to individual files in your project outside the control of SmartEdit Writer.

You should never work on a project from inside a cloud folder, as Google, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. will eventually cause corruption like this that cannot be recovered from Take a look at this section of the Knowledge Base for the only fool proof methods of syncing projects across PCs:

Regarding your current project, you need to roll back to a backup from before the issue occurred. This post outlines the different backup mechanisms in place in SmartEdit Writer:

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