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Unexpected error


So I tried to download the programme multiple times and every time, it keeps exhibiting the same error. It pops up every time I open the program and every time I open a scene, I keep closing the error and after closing it multiple times it lets me edit.
I really enjoyed the interface and it seems really intuitive so I really wanted to figure out what is happening!

I tried to check for updates like it is suggested in here elsewhere but it is already the latest version.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Ana. Send me a copy of the log file for a day the problem occurs. Details of how to find the log file are here:


The error stoped on its one. Do you still want the logs? It’s working perfectly now!

No, let me know if it happens again.

Hello, I´m having the same problem, and it still doesn´t working, I have download the app several times, but it is still giving me “Unexpected error”, I deactivate Nord32 as well but is not working.

Send me your log file as outlined to Ana above and I’ll see if I can locate the reason: