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'Unexpected error' message


Hello, I really love the program and at first it worked great. But suddenly everytime I try to open a note or scene etc. there is a error message. It gets kind of annoying, because if I try to open a scene it says: Error and unexpected error, and after i close the message the scene opens. It also appears everytime i close or open the program. What should I do? or is it unfixable?


I’ve seen that a time or two myself, but it isn’t consistent.


Email me a copy of the log file for the day the errors occurred. Details on where the log file can be found are here: How to report a bug in Atomic Scribbler

Email address.


Thanks for the log files. I can see what’s causing the problem.

Have you changed the timezone or regional settings of your PC in the past few days? From US to UK or something similar? There’s a problem with reading a date in one of the Atomic Scribbler settings files. This could be caused by the app writing a date while in US format and then trying to read it while your PC is set to UK dates.

Regardless of the cause, you should be able to force a fix by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Help toolbar in Atomic
  2. Click on the About Atomic Scribbler button
  3. On the dialog that pops up click “Check for Updates”
  4. Close and re-open Atomic Scribbler


The “Unexpected error” message is a catch-all error that is displayed when an issue / bug occurs that was too general to warrant a detailed error message. If anyone sees this popup could you forward the log file for that day to me as outlined above, as this will tell me precisely what caused the problem and allow me to fix it.

Quite often the issue is not significant, and I’ll either fix the problem or suppress the popup.