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Undo / Redo Corruption Bug

Yesterday while working I was flipping between undoing and redoing, testing wether or not I wanted to include a few sentences. I believe I held down redo for a few seconds, which was longer than necessary, but in doing so the entire scene became unresponsive.

After a few seconds the scene became blank, and I could not close the scene or smart edit as a whole. Trying to do so would pop up a “unable to save document” window.

Eventually, I force closed smart edit as a whole with task manager as there was nothing else I could do. Upon reopening the project, that scene, and that scene only, was corrupted. It had your regular giberish with weird symbols and what not. I take backups frequently and create scene copies often, so nothing was lost. Unfortunately, I did not think to save the text. I’m not sure if it would have been of help. I do still have the log file, however, if that is necessary. I was unsure where to email it to.

I only tried to recreate it once in a new project by spamming paste, undo, and redo, and everything works fine, so I’m unsure how it happened. Hopefully the log will help figure it out.

If it’s relevant, the scene is about 6000 words long and has 3 special characters in it as a scene break. I was not messing with the special characters when I was undoing/redoing though.

Edit: I am on SEW 9.

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There have been a couple of reports about undo issues in the past – hard to duplicate though. If you could send the log file to me at Hopefully it’ll shed some light on the problem.