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"Unable to Update Project to Version 8.7" Error

Today I opened my project in SEW and was prompted that I’m unable to because it’s an 8.6 project and I was running 7. After uninstalling the current version and installing the latest one to the same directory, I’m now being given “Unexpected error” followed by “Unable to Update Project to Version 8.7.”
I currently can’t get into any of my projects. I suspect that it has something to do with the process I used to reinstall to the latest version, but I can’t be sure.

What process did you use to install the new version? Did you run the full installer or did you do something else?

There shouldn’t be any issue with 8.7 as the changes were very minor, but you can rollback to 8.6 by re-installing it from here:

I simply ran the uninstall exe, then ran the 8.7 install to the same folder.
I solved the issue by creating a new directory for a fresh install of 8.7, then moving the folder with all of my project files into that. Thank you anyway!