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Unable to save my work

Whenever I try to save my work it says to ensure no other software is accessing the project then try again. Nothing else is accessing ti and it’s only on one specific project. I’ve restarted my computer so that isn’t it.

Where is that particular project located?

If you’re repeatedly getting that error, even after restarting, then the likelihood is you’re opening a project that is in a read only location. SmartEdit Writer needs full read/write access to the folder or location that contains the project. Ideally, the project should be in your Windows / Documents folder. It should not be on a DVD drive or cloud storage folder.

It is in a cloud storage folder but I’ve been using it that way for months. Any reason as to why it’s giving an issue now?

I removed it from the cloud storage folder and I’m still getting that message.

Some of the files in the project may have been set to read only while in your cloud folder. You can check for this by opening the individual project folder’s “Document” folder, selecting all files, right clicking and choosing Properties. Ensure that the read only check box is unchecked.

Another check you can make is to see if you can create a new and empty scene and add some text to that.

Just tried that and still getting the same message. I also tried creating an empty scene but that just gave another error message saying that access was denied.

Nevermind it seems to be working now. Thanks for the assistance.

The problem is back and now even when I try creating a new project it gives several error messages before opening the project and then telling me I can’t save it due to another program being open. I did the uncheck read only box and the problem persists. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program but nothing.

Are you back using the cloud folder? If not, what’s the precise location of your projects?

The location of the projects is in C:\Users\mange\Documents\Atomic Scribbler. I did not move them back to the cloud folder.

This seems to be stopping and starting for you. Working sometimes and then not working other times. It sounds like there’s some process running on your PC in the background that is interfering with SmartEdit’s ability to write to the project folder. Could be an automated backup process, an over zealous anti-virus program, something like that.

All I can suggest is you look at what background apps and processes are running when you have the problem. If SmartEdit can’t write to its own project folders (which is what all those errors you’re seeing mean), then it can’t run.

Not that I’m expecting any explanation or help at this point but just informing you that before the latest update it was specifically a problem with only one project and when creating a new one. Since the new update, I’m getting the error message with all of my projects. Just wanted to let you know.