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Unable to open project

Hello, everyone,

I had to re-install SEW, and now I get “Unexpected Error” “Unable to open project” no matter which backup source I use.

It also takes over 5 minutes to backup to a USB or micro SD.

I was unable to import the project, which isn’t all that big yet.

Thanks for any help!

Lenovo ideapad 130-14IKB laptop
64bit 8GB
Win 10 home

I have installed SEW 3 times. Each time I’ve gone to the site and downloaded a fresh exe file. I haven’t had any trouble that way.

I finally put my work on a flash drive. It took a couple of minutes but not five minutes. I didn’t put the SEW exe files on the external drive though. They’re on the hard drive.

I hope some of this helps you, Wohali.

Hi, glynis.
I downloaded a new .exe file.
The program now opens a file dated today, but is actually an older file from June.
All of today’s work is gone unless it’s hidden in one of the other files with today’s date.
None of them will open.
I keep getting the same error messages.

None of the exe files are on my USB or SD, and it really did take over 5 minutes.
Other times, it froze up my whole computer and I had to force a boot while the little blue wheel had all kinds of fun spinning around in circles.

Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it :blush:

FIrst, try downloading and installing the previous release, 7.1. Download Link.

Second, email me a copy of the log file for yesterday, when the problem was occuring. This should be in your “Documents \ SmartEdit Writer” or “Documents \ Atomic Scribbler” folder, and will be called “AtomicLog-2019-7-28”.

I’m wondering now if you have a virus or trojan in your system. I am not a technology wiz by any stretch of the imagination but the slowness and other going-ons you’re describing say there is something terribly wrong. Malwarebytes is free anti-virus program and is said to be better than a lot of the ones people pay for. [] If you think you may have even some pup files [annoyances] in your system, I suggest you try this program and, then, try to install SEW.

Nope. No virus or trojan. I have BitDefender and Heimadal Thor. I did DL Malwarebytes just to see, and it didn’t pick up anything. Thank you for the thought. I appreciate it.
Mostly, I think it’s a slow computer anyway. But to take that long- or not at all- is ridiculous. I may have to try to use it without other programs running. Though I may need some up for research or what have you. I dunno.

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Done and done, Darren. Thanks.

I usually have SEW, a dictionary app, a map app, and sometimes my browser open for quick research. It could be that I’m using a PC with hard drive acceleration. I have a laptop but haven’t tried using it for this rewrite I’m involved in.

Keep on working with Darren. He might just have the answer to this dilema.