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Typing Action Problem

So I was typing up a story one day and I went back to add in a word into a paragraph and as I started adding this new one, the ones next to it were being deleted. Is this a bug? If not, is there any way to stop it from happening. Really don’t like having to rewrite and entire just because I forgot to add a “the”.

I may be completely off-base, but it sounds a little like you might have toggled your keyboard’s Insert key, so that you’re typing over existing text.

Or, it may be a bug. Sometimes when an editing app changes zoom settings, the cursor positioning gets a little off, and the newly typed characters are inserted in the wrong place, with other odd things happening nearby.

I’m assuming you have the latest version, but if not, updating is a great place to start. Rebooting might help, if it was just a temporary glitch of weirdness on your 'puter. This definitely ain’t normal . . . .

If you can provide any more details about this event (and confirm that it’s always happening), that might help someone around here to figure out what’s wrong. What you describe definitely isn’t a common experience, or nobody would use SEW more than 10 minutes!


I’m not entirely sure but it looks like restarting the program or restarting my laptop might have helped. I did do a little of bit of typing last night but due to the typing thing, I got frustrated and quit, shutting down the program and my laptop. What do you mean by my keyboard’s insert key? Is there a way to actually toggle something like that?

I believe most keyboards have an INSERT key, which – in most editors – toggles the typing mode between “insert” (push existing characters to the right) and “overwrite” (replace existing characters as you type). Often the INSERT key is labeled “INS” and is located next to or above the DELETE (“DEL”) key.

Usually INSERT is the default mode, so exiting the app and restarting it would likely cancel the overwrite behavior – until you happen to hit the INS key again. If it’s overwriting existing text, just whack the INS key another time.

I hope this helps!


Wait, that’s what that button does? Lol. Pressing it helped! Thanks!

Phew! (to coin a phrase)