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Two Panes to see Two scenes at a time

So far I like everything but :)… I like the Dual Panes in Scrivener. Can we get dual panes so the we can see the scene before/After as we write the current scene…basically We can see two scene’s at a time.
I guess docking of two or more scenes at a time is another way to say it

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This has been asked for before, but it’s not a direction I’m planning to take SmartEdit Writer. Tabs only I’m afraid.

Me too! I would love two views or two tabs to see both scenes (posts) at the same time. It prevents loss of thought and easy to make corrections or to copy and paste without the need to switch and lose track of what you are doing. Still not enough to prevent me using SEW.

Can you launch two iterations of SEW at the same time and resize the windows? I never tried it, but I frequently do that with other software.

You can’t open the same project twice at the same time. Two separate projects, yes.