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Trial verson of SE for AS, possible bug(s)


First use of trial license, installed on 15 Feb 2019.
Note: no *smarteditlog file was found.

  1. I had previously imported and saved a project of a 20-chapter 167,000 word novel.
  2. I installed the SmartEdit trial from within AS as per instructions.
  3. I selected Document and Run all checks.

Note: I left the default settings unchanged (which is to say, the checkboxes for Use exclusion lists were ticked for all categories). I did not make any changes to any of the exclusion lists.

Possible Bug #1: The results shown had detail for only the first category - Repeated words results. Everything else was blank.
Possible Bug #2: The Repeated Words Analysis listed the as its top word, even though “the” is on the exclusion list (which, per the default settings, should have applied.)

  1. I then ran (re-ran, from the button next to the drop-down) the Dialogue Tag test.
  2. Upon this re-run, results were displayed.

I hope this is useful; please let me know if you need me to retest or take screen shots.


MadWench, I can’t speak for the trial version but think that there is not much of a difference. Have my paid version since AS has been made available. :slight_smile:

Here is what the version looks like in AS (latest version 6). See attached image !
The test file I use for a long time has 22,000+ words.

Once you opened your file in AS, go and select the [SmartEdit] tab at the top. That opens the SE for further checks.

I ran my test file with your “Run All Checks” to give you a screenshot. The SE check results are all shown at the right side of AS v6. At the top of the SE check list shows [Repeated words results] first with a v-shaped pointer next to it, indicating a multiple option list. That’s where you can select the individual check results. It just works fine.


Thanks for your reply, @hamaer.

I did run the Run All Checks function correctly, but as I said in my initial post I did NOT get anything but the first report (about repeated words), i.e., selecting other items from the dropdown presented a blank screen for everything but the list of Repeated Words.

After that first attempt, I ran individual reports, and in that way (individually) they were fine.

(I’ve since bought an SE license for AS, so I’d have to uninstall both SE and AS, wipe everything, and then do a fresh install to test the trial version further.)

ETA: Yes, the UI is the same. The only difference is that in the trial version, clicking any of the SE buttons or commands generates a popup with the number of days remaining in the trial, buttons to prompt purchase, and a Close button to continue with the free trial.


I’ve tried to duplicate the issue with a clean install but without success.

Is it working ok for you now when you run all checks? And is SmartEdit correctly excluding words on the exclude list – “the” and such?