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Too many AS files and locations among my attached hard drives


A new bug arrived in my AS where I probably contributed a bit of confusion. The word processor would freeze every time I initiated a save process. (Ctrl s) So I would shut it down and reopen, finding the file saved to the last byte.
Since I recently migrated to a new computer and a new OS (Win 10 pro) from Win 10) as well as copying the data from one drive to two different drives with a google drive in the clouds for a further backup.
When I did some looking around it seems my book project spontaneously doubled in size from 290000 words to about 60000 words. Well sez I to me, at least I got the book nearly finished overnight.
I started a brand new project and copied one whole book project from the original document to the new one and saved it. Locked right up. I checked in task manager and saw two iterations of AS running at the same time. Possible one for each document?
At any rate I went to troubleshooting mode and set the AS to run in Windows 8 configuration and it seems happy now.
However my various drives are now littered with AS files and directories and I want to clean them all up to a single place with a single backup to the cloud so I do not lose documents and fragments in the future.
Anybody got some hints on how to proceed?


If it were me, I’d start by removing every project from the Project Manager. If you have copies of projects that you’ve opened at some point they will all appear in the Recent list leading to confusion over which version of a project you might be opening.

Clear the Recently Opened Project list using the drop down menu next to each project: “Remove from list.”

Move all your active instances of projects into a single folder somewhere, either the default Documents/Atomic Scribbler folder or somewhere else.

Then open the projects from this folder as you need them using the Open Project button. The last folder you opened a project from becomes the default folder, so it should be easy enough to open each one as required without having to go searching for it.

If you do open a backup of a project, you need to remember to then remove it from the Recent list, otherwise confusion reigns again.