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Thesaurus support?


Spell checking is great but I miss my Shift F7 keystroke for Word to invoke the Thesaurus. Note sure there are add-ins out there to leverage this but if so I’d like to cast a vote for one…


I’m not planning to put a Thesaurus into Atomic Scribbler. Wordweb will probably work, though I haven’t tried it. It’s a free download, but they do have some unusual licensing terms you have to agree to.


Darren, I work with WordWeb for a few years now. Started with the free version [for Windows], and then paid the EUR 18 (USD 19) for the Pro version. The Pro version was paid for in the early days of WW version 7 (current version is 8.22), and the program works offline. No need to be on the Internet. Everything is on your local PC.

The terms are written oddly phrased, but the usage is straight forward. It’s a one-time fee with free updates within the same version, e.g. 8.0, 8.1, etc.

Upgrade fee to a new major release is a fair fee as well. I use WW heavily on my PC and even have the Android version on my phone for questioning my own texting. :slight_smile:

Those [first time] 18 Euro for a full Pro version are a good investment. It’s something I can recommend to anybody. The program is well worth its money and get updated regularly.

More info about the Pro version is here:




I suppose you read what I wrote to Darren about WordWeb. As a direct answer to your question about an add-on, WordWeb is not an add-on. It’s a stand alone program, BUT it can be used like an add-on.

Whatever program you have open, move the mouse pointer (or cursor) over the word and use the hotkey. That’s regardless of whether you read an article in your browser or are editing in Word, or if you are in AS for example. WW’s little window pops up and offers you the correct spelling (if misspelled) plus all the other variations and usage. All you have to do is replace the original one with the pop up from WW. I usually use the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V standard.

It also marks phrases as [UK] or as [US] usage if there is one, which makes it perfect if you aim at a particular region with your writing.

All the variations come up due to WW being both a dictionary and a Thesaurus. :slight_smile:
Pronunciation is offered too, but those sound files need to be downloaded separately. Not because of a fee, but because it’s a large file and you have the option if you want to use pronunciation at all. All files are offline installation.

To give you an idea about the file sizes, the full program itself is a download of almost 15 MB [14.8 MB at v. 8.0]. The updates - inclusive more phrases/ words - are usually in a range of 11 MB. The separate download of the sound file [if wanted] is 138 MB!

The [default] hotkey can be changed to your preference at WW’s options. I had to change mine as the default combination [Ctrl] [Right mouse button] collided with other setting in different programs when they were open.

There are multiple option to select from, and I changed mine just by adding the [Shift] key to it. It’s convenient for my to grab [Ctrl] [Shift] on the left side of the keyboard and hit the right mouse button.

If you just use a touch pad on your laptop, then mark the word with a quick double click, and then open up WW from your taskbar. Works the same way afterwards. :slight_smile: I hope I could help with this detailed explanation.



Thanks Hamaer, I’m convinced and will buy the pro version (great price) on your recommendation and great description. I’ve wanted a local-machine thesaurus for quite a while (years) and just gave up looking for one some time ago. So, thanks.


Thanks Darren for mentioning this thesaurus. I’m happy to find one for my local machine rather than having to be online all the time. Been wanting one for a long time. Once again, I love Atomic Scribbler and SmartEdit.