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Text to Speech?


I don’t know how difficult this is to incorporate. But if there was a simple plugin that could be easily added that would read the text of the selected scene, I think that would be a great additional feature.

I have other software that I use for that now and find it a great help in the editing process. There’s just something about hearing someone else reading your text that allows you to pick up on things you don’t notice when reading it yourself.


I haven’t spent any time looking into this, but the tech behind Atomic Scribbler is fairly common, so off-the-shelf text to speech apps should be able to hook in to it without difficulty — probably without any work on my end. TextAloud should work by setting up hotkeys. Other apps would probably also work.


What I was thinking was a button right in the A.S. toolbar. I’m not sure if that’s what you were saying? Or a separate program?

I looked at TextAloud. It has a nice floating toolbar option that would be easier than what I’m doing, but not totally as convenient as having it built right into A.S.

I currently use NaturalReader. It has really nice voice quality, but I have to export from A.S. and then open the file in NaturalReader.

It’s just a wishlist item, not absolutely essential I know.


TextAloud, and I imagine most other apps like this, has an option to connect to third party apps via a global hot key. You configure the hot key to read a block of selected text in any app that has a text editor — Atomic Scribbler, Notepad, Scrivener, etc. That way, the third party app does not need to integrate directly. Selected text is selected text regardless of the app it’s in.

You shouldn’t need to copy text into the speech reader app at all — just look for the hot key integrations.


Oh, wow, this is a beautiful thing. :heart_eyes:

Natural Reader won’t read it if it’s just selected, but if you select and copy to the clipboard, it will read that. That makes things quite a bit easier. Then I can stop it, make immediate changes, then reselect and read again.


I downloaded the trial version of TextAloud and set up a hotkey to read highlighted text (without copying to the clipboard).

It works for web pages and in other programs I tested, but it won’t read selected text in A.S. Any idea why?

I tried shift F6 and Ctrl F6 for the hotkeys.


It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I’ll just stick to Natural Reader. I just have to copy it to the clipboard and it works fine. Since I already own that, I don’t have to buy another program.


I just tried out TextAloud and got it working ok for selected text. Try a more unusual set of hotkeys, as Atomic is already using the F6 key. I tried Ctrl+Shift+’


That’s odd. I tried that same combination and it doesn’t work for me in A.S., but does in other programs.


I’ve just realised I was testing in version 6 – due out tomorrow, fingers crossed. Give it a try tomorrow with the newer version and see if it works.


Actually, I figured out what it was. I had set it to run as administrator, I forget why, but when I turned that off it worked fine - in 5 & 6. It’s so convenient to have it work from a hot key. Love it!