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Teaching myself SE Writer

                                     RE-INVENTING THE WHEEL
  1. I opened a doc in tabbed editor
  2. I opened " Research" and then “notes.” and wrote a note that applied to the opened document.
  3. I opened a different doc in tabbed editor: the note that I had hoped would be attached to the previous doc remained open. It remained opened while I switched between docs in the Editor.
  4. I wrote a second note while that first doc was opened. Scrolling left/right at bottom of Research didn’t reveal the first note. The first note was revealed to be beneath the second note, after the second note was "X"d out.
  5. Can’t find second note; it appears to have been deleted.
  6. Are notes manually attached to docs?

Notes are not attached to scenes. They can hang off anything (a scene, a folder, another note, a bookmark, etc.) But the connection is loose - it only exists as a connection in the tree it was created on. Closing a scene or folder will not close and notes it might contain.

Currently opened notes appear on the right in the notes section. To locate a note that might not be open, find where you created it in the Document or other tree and double click it to open it.