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Suggestion: Pleas allow us to move the "Show left" and the "Show right" Panel


Good evening

We bought one Atomic Scribbler Licence to evaluate it, but every tester stops using it after maximum 13 minutes and goes back to the old tools.

One issue is, that it is not possible to place the Panels in “Show right” individually. (this name for the right panel is somewhat unfortunate)

Just two examples:

  1. The navigation (document tree) is on the very left screen border,
    but some of the selected items will be displayed on the very right screen border.
    So, if we just would like to review all the different ToDo items, then we keep switching from the left to the right border - and back. This is very annoying and it should be possible to place related panels next to each other.
  2. The “Show right” Panel with the Notes, ToDo, etc. Items is annying, too, because only on item can be made visible. If we select to display the Notes, then the ToDo List gets collapsed.
    The user should be able to decide which items should be visible or hidden.

Modern Software Developers IDE offers great tools to solve exactly those issues - therefore, it’s possible that it’s easy to fix it and offer a much better usability :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,
kind regards,


We will be extending the customisable options in a future release. It hasn’t been a priority up to now as most users were happy with the existing layout. What are you guys using the software for?


Good morning
thanks for your answer!, we’re searching Software to bring technical documents into the right structure. Our Documents have many small paragraphs and Atomic Scribbler already has most needed features :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that. The next release is a couple of months away and I haven’t finalised what’s going into it yet, so no promises.