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Suggestion - Move files from Document to Research pane by drag n' drop

First I’d like to praise this team for the amazing piece of (free!) software that SmartEdit is, and how helpful it’s been with my creative writing process. Thank you guys so much for this, really!

Onto the topic, there is a somewhat clunky way that I’m doing [title], which is editing the file I want to move and then sorting the project’s Files folder by last edited and it works if I add it into the Research resources, but I really think it should be easier than that, you’d just be changing the file ‘category’ inside of the editor itself. No need to replicate that file or anything else.

I believe this would improve usability and probably isn’t that hard to actually implement.

Thank you all again for your great work!

This is a missing feature, and it is on the list.

Not near the top at the moment, as the use case is not that common (I think). The theory at the time was to keep Research and the working Document separate, and that there would be little reason to move a scene from the core document into Research unless an error was made by the user when the scene was created – put in the wrong place by mistake.

The intention is to have a Move option similar to Move to Fragments.

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Hi Suriashi – welcome to the forum!

Your ideas and feedback are most welcome. Just for the record (and to give credit where it’s due), the “team” is Darren. If I’m not mistaken, he is the entire team, so we have a lot to thank him for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Be well. Stay well!


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I second that, Allen. :slight_smile:

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