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Suggestion for improvement.... please


One of the things I absolutely hate about PageFour is that you can single-click on an item and it won;t select the page or the text you are expecting. And I see you have done the same with Atomic scribbler.
Please would you do the obvious thing and ensure that if the user single-clicks on something that that page is selected?

At the moment it is thoroughly counterintuitive! I can’t count the number of times I have ‘selected’ something (so I thought) only to find that, actually, I hadn’t. It’s one of the biggest turnoff about PageFour, and I am so sorry to see that you have selected the same functionality for Atomic Scribbler.Please change this functionality as soon as possible! (Please…)


I agree with JohnLockley, it would be better to use single-click for selection.


This was a deliberate decision in PageFour and also in Atomic Scribbler. My feeling on this is that the main working part of the UI — the word processor — should not have its content changed by a single action. Clicking in any of the trees is a very casual action that often happens not because you want to open and work or read a scene, but simply because you’re navigating the tree.

Causing the content of the working word processor to change based on a single click action would — to my mind at least — get very frustrating for a lot of users very quickly. Most of the time spent in an Atomic Scribbler project will be spent writing inside one scene at a time. I’m extremely reluctant to have a casual click elsewhere change the active scene in the word processor.

On top of this, there are extra elements in the Research tree apart from scenes and notes — images, files, etc. Using a single click to open, and being consistent, would cause external programs such as Adobe PDF, image viewers etc. to launch and come to the forefront after each single click — again, something that would be immensely frustration if all you’re doing is browsing through the Research tree.

I might look at allowing this behaviour as an option down the road, but personally I think the cons outweigh the pros here.


Thanks for responding so quickly.

Point taken about why you made that specific choice.

However, as I find the need to double-click so frustrating (and so frequently frustrating, too ) – and it really interrupts my train of thought significantly, I would very much appreciate your potential option of allowing the user to choose – though, in line with your original decision, perhaps setting the default to a double-click.


I agree with Darren, Having something selected on a single click would cause me much trouble. Leave it as is.


I agree with Darren and you too. It should stay as it currently is…


+1 for leaving it as is. I get why it’s desirable to jump around among many items, tweaking here and there as you go, but in this working environment I get much greater benefit from being able to manipulate the tree without changing the active document.



I’d like the single/double click issue to be selectable in settings.

Personally, I’d make it so that single-click selects and switches to the items. The number of times I’ve clicked once on a tree item, then realized after a second of nothing happening that I should have clicked twice is growing, I do it all the time… it must be a habit I’ve picked up somewhere.


I feel the same!
A little bit distracting issue.


I agree strongly that it ought to be selectable in settings. While I fully accept that some people strongly prefer a double-click, there are others who would just as strongly prefer a single-click. Surely the sensible solution is to allow each user to choose for themselves?


I would be even happier with making this behavior user-selectable. There are times when I’d prefer single-clicking. If I could only have one behavior, then I’d vote for double-click, but single is certainly preferable if one is hopping around in the structure a lot.