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[Suggestion] Documents folder should reflect the project structure

I was looking for an alternative to Scrivener and SmartEdit Writer piqued my interest. My requirement is that I can edit my novel both on PC and iPad/Android. When I noticed someone had mentioned that you can use SmartEdit on Word, my immediate thought was that can I save/create the project on OneDrive and modify the word documents using the Word app on any mobile device. In addition to being able to use all the possible devices, it would give an extra layer of backup protection.

I think I confused the Writer and the Word plugin. Is the plugin merely for analyzing the text? Anyway, the Writer still contains Word documents so I think my idea might work.

I have only tried SmartEdit Writer shortly and it seems to be doing well even if I modify the Word files with Word. The biggest problem is the documents folder. It seems that there are no subfolders for the chapters and the scene files have arbitrary names. Would it be possible to make the folder contents more representative of the project structure?

Is this a bad plan for some reason? I mean, would this work even if I could easily browse the scenes in the documents folder? Is there a risk that the project breaks if the files were modified with different editors and is there a way for the project to understand new Word files in the documents folder?

You can modify the Word documents on your iPad without causing any issues. But if you rename them they’ll be lost to the project. However, working on a live project inside a cloud folder is not a good idea, as project corruption can occur if projects are incorrectly synced. It’s not recommended.

SmartEdit Writer project files are not designed to be edited outside a project - hence the file naming structure not being understandable to a human eye. A scene/folder structure that mirrored a Windows file/folder structure is too restrictive, so was not used.

For example, it limits the characters that can be used in scene names to characters that are permitted in Windows file names. (a very common complaint made about SmartEdit Writer’s predecessor PageFour, that did use such a structure)

The project file structure is the core of the project, and is not something that will be changed.