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Still waiting for SEW bug fixes and features

So SmartEdit Writer 9 has finally landed. Might we SEW users dare to hope that the backlog of requested features and unresolved bugs in SEW will finally get some programming attention?

Dialogue tag verb detection and identification deficiency:
in He told her he had only shouted “for luck.” the tag verb is mis-IDd as “told” instead of “shouted”.

Inclusion of punctuation in user-defined words & phrases entries

Multiple lists of user-defined words & phrases

Fix the ID & Count algorithm when searching for user-defined words & phrases: counts often differ from those provided by Word’s Advanced Find, e.g. a count of 2 is listed, even though there is only one occurrence listed in the results column, and one found by Word.

Selectable ’ vs. " for dialogue quotes (UK vs. US publisher style), including quote nesting.

User additions to lists of adverbs, risque and “foreign” words/phrases.

Awareness of plain vs. “curly” quotes and apostrophes, e.g. it wasn’t vs it wasn’t. (bug in this forum’s code. I did type the two different kinds of apostrophes).

There is work ongoing on SmartEdit for Word, but I won’t be giving any details until it’s released. While I’d like to be able to give release roadmaps, I’ve learned that it’s best not to, as it leads to disappointment when deadlines aren’t met or when features promised are decided against at a later stage.

But, SmartEdit for Word development is happening right now.