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Status of scenes


Is there a function in atomic scribbler to mark the scenes as ‘rough draft’, ‘first draft’ etc? If not, can this be considered for future version of this software?


A good workaround could be creating a note entitled "status - {status goes here}.
The body of the note could be used for any other level notes you might need for that scene.


That’s a really good suggestion Rich, and something that I have thought about before. I was close to implementing state flags for scenes way back in pre-version 1 days, but held off implementing it as the clock was ticking. It wasn’t a priority afterwards as no one else ever brought it up but it has stayed on the list.


I would make good use of state flags, or [whatever] flags. Provided, of course, that I can name them and have a couple of dozen. Flags or keywords also lend themselves to some color coding somewhere in the UI. Doesn’t have to be the whole background, but color is such a powerful organizing element.

And some way of finding them, of course.

Is it a long way from state flags to tying them to specific blocks of text? Either a highlighted string, or even just a paragraph perhaps… This brings up the whole issue of embedded tags, which isn’t trivial, but opens up lots of possibilities for the future.



I like this idea too. Currently I’m renaming the scene, adding a * at the end to show ones I’ve completed. There is a white icon to the left of the scene name in the doc tree. That same icon in various colors would work for a flagging system - or different icons altogether. Or different colored backgrounds behind the scene name?

A related idea is an auto-calculated percentage completion per scene, maybe a small bar graph. So you set up a word count goal for scenes (could be 1 count for all scenes, like 1500 words). The bar would show where you’re at in terms of that word count for each scene. At least I think I like this idea, but maybe it would be redundant with a flag system.


A long way I’m afraid. State flags linked to a scene, note or folder would be quite straight forwards to implement, digging deeper into the scnee text itself not so much.

I’m a bit on the fence at the moment when it comes to expanding the word targets. As the current monthly word counts graphs are stored online, I have a good idea how many people use them, and it’s not a high percentage of users. It may be that the current implementation is too difficulty to use. Have to think about it a bit more.


FWIW, I never use word counts, and find them more distracting than helpful. Now and then as a project completes, I run a manual word count, but as a writer, it’s the content I’m interested in. I don’t need (or want) to know counts until it’s time for publication. Charles Dickens might have wished for realtime word counts, though.

Re: tagging text - Not a big issue. Flags for structural objects will be sufficiently helpful. I might increase the granularity of my scenes to accommodate that, but tagging text can lead to a lot of complexity in managing an emerging story, and that begins to sound like Scrivener.


Not a big deal. I don’t stick to a particular word count, but knowing whether I have 25 words vs 1500 would be helpful. Flagging scenes could serve the same purpose for me.