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Split SCreen/Viewing 2 Scenes


Is there a way to open two scenes side by side?


I haven’t been able to figure out a method. What are you trying to do? Maybe there is a suitable workaround.


I am actually using it in this instance for non-fiction. I have notes from several books (a scene for each) and I want to open a blank scene to copy individual entries into to put in them in the order I’ll use them. AN outline of sorts, that I can have open as I’m reviewing the other scenes. Is it possible to open a second instance of AS perhaps?

On another front, I just finished a short story bin AS and it worked perfectly. The layout is exactly the workflow I always used in another program that was discontinued several years ago and I"ve given up because it’s not super stable on Win 10. Thanks Darren!


The answer is no I’m afraid. It was a choice between a split view and a tab view and I went with the tabbed view. You also can’t open the same project twice at the same time – too much opportunity to mess up the underlying data by saving different data in both instances.

Well done on the short stories – I’m glad it’s working so well for you there!


Can I open a new blank instance of AS while the other is open?


You can open another project. If you want a blank project just create a new project.


is there info on the blog of the development of this? like is it using alot of open source stuff?

there’s almost no ‘settings’ in this thing (not that i think i would care), and looks like it has a long way to go

‘a split view and a tab view and I went with the tabbed view’

something can have a split view with tabs each split

so it could have both

not sure why this was a mutually exclusive choice -

‘too much opportunity to mess up the underlying data by saving different data in both instances’

ehh… onenote can do this fine, offline or on, and many many other software


It could have both, but it’s not going to. I believe Scrivener has a split view (but not a tabbed view), so that might suit you better if it’s a split view you want. I lean towards a tabbed view, so I built a tabbed view.

A Onenote file is a single file, an Atomic Scribbler project can be anything from 50 files to 5,000+ files, all interconnected, with a database at its heart.

If this is functionality you want in a writing app, you should look at an online solution for novel writing (there are many, though none are particualtaly successful) where the data is all stored in one place in the cloud and is accessible from any device at any time.


For what it is worth, I too prefer a tabbed environment. I own Scrivener and that split screen is very limiting in the sense that you have two “document views” open at a time. With tabs, I assume there is a limit, but so far, I haven’t hit it.


Found myself with a similar need. What I did was to create a second copy of my project (with a different name.) I could then open two instances of AS - first draft and second draft - side by side and cut and paste. As a bonus, if I messed up, I still had the untouched first draft.