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Spell check with accents

I don’t think this is a major issue, but lately I’ve noticed the live spellcheck and auto-correct are doing something a bit weird.

If I type a word like naive or decor that are sometimes used (appropriately) with an accent but leave the accent off when I type it (lazy!), the auto-correct feature will automatically change it to the accented version. And then the live spellcheck will flag it as an error. When I right click it, the spellcheck will recommend the unaccented version. If I change it back to the original, no more red flag.

I’m on the latest version, with English (United States) as the language. All spelling options are checked except for “ignore words with numbers”.

The spell checking dictionaries and the auto correct are not connected. The spell checking dictionaries used are Open Office dictionaries and they differ for the US and the UK. The UK dictionary has naïve as a recognised word whereas the US dictionary does not.

In your case you’ll need to manually add naïve and other such words to your dictionary using the “Add to dictionary” context menu.