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Spell Check Issue... see pic ;)


Not sure if this is a computer or SEW issue… probably computer as it only happens on the Laptop.

Checked all the language/spelling setting on the Laptop and in SEW & turned it off and on again :wink:

Any Ideas?



Just a stab in the dark but did the dictionaries install correctly on the laptop? Mine are in

C:\Program Files\SmartEdit Writer\Dictionaries

Since it sounds like you have a working installation on another system, it might be interesting to compare the contents of the Dictionaries directory between the two.

Could also be informative to see if the laptop installation will learn spellings, I guess that would at least indicate that custom dictionaries (stored in your appdata\roaming\atomic scribbler directory) are okay.

It sounds like the spell checking dictionaries are not getting picked up. If you re-download and then re-install, it should overwrite the dictionaries with a fresh copy.