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Special Characters [request]

The word processor doesn’t have a list of special characters. The English language is chalked full of words stolen by other languages and a fair number of those need the special characters. Example: attache [French].

Would it be possible to get the special characters included in this program?

Hi glynis,

If this helps you for the moment, there is a work around for this issue available of course. I assume you have a numeric keypad on your computer. Just use the [4-digit] ANSI code together with your left ALT key. That way you can write any special character you want.

ANSI codes work with any text editor on Windows, even with notepad. :slight_smile: I use them for years for French, Spanish, or even German characters with their strange Umlauts.

If you want, I can send you a list with the whole set of ANSI codes as a PDF file.


There’s no special character dialog accessible from the word processor yet. Hans’s suggestion will work for all characters. A quick way to trigger the accented vowel characters is to use the AltGr key plus the vowel:



Thank you for the info. Yes, send me the PDF. []

Again, thanks so much.

Thanks, Darren. :grinning:

Complete ANSI collection is on its way, Glynis.