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Soooo, why is this software free?

Is there a catch? I’ve switched back over to the windows world because Mac decided not to have
discrete hard drives in their new MacBook Airs (wth?) so I switched over to the Windows version of
Scrivener. What a load. Awe full. And their Windows 10 Beta version just doesn’t work. No going to pay for something that doesn’t work. Anyway, is there a catch to why this software is free?

Hi Puffy Smoke, and welcome to the SmartEdit Writer forum. :slight_smile:

There is no catch, but I don’t blame you being suspicious. You come from the Mac side, where they practically make you pay for any tiny little thing. :slight_smile:

Being with this nifty software (and its predecessors) for years now, let me give you a short overview of it. The very first versions were those of ‘PageFour’ which was the idea Scrivener was originally based on. You can even read about it at their own Scrivener website.
PageFour software had some ‘ceiling limitations’ due to its structure but was great. SmartEdit was a separate software at that time, not integrated into the writer one. BTW, I still run PageFour & SmartEdit on my Linux PC.

The successor was ‘Atomic Scribbler’ which evolved into nowadays SmartEdit Writer. All those former versions were originally ‘paid for’ software without an integrated editor. The editor was a MS Word Add-on that needed to be paid for, and still exist this way for more [professional] editing.

What you see now is a win-win situation for the developer and writers alike. Darren, the developer, decided to integrate the editing engine into Atomic Scribbler, rebrand it from then on as SmartEdit Writer, and offer it to writers for free.
It gives you - as a writer - an excellent tool that’s (a) not bloated and (b) comes with a great responsive service (despite of being free).
Darren, on the other hand, get through this move more exposure for his other ‘paid for’ tools, and a good marketing at the same time.

So, now you know the whole story. :slight_smile: All I can say is, welcome to the club. Enjoy the perks of this excellent software, and spread the word if you’re satisfied with it. I have no doubt that you will do so. :slight_smile:


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It’s a good product, not perfect, but very, very, good. And having Smart Edit built in, for free, no less, makes it a miracle product.

Agreed. I am always telling people who say they can’t afford Scrivener to try this out.

(Although I am still a bit sad the name changed. Atomic Scribbler is so memorable!)