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Something I've found

I’ve noticed that when you paste into the notes files the font remains the same - meaning it can be huge. Would it be possible to force the default font size to display in notes but alow it to paste back into the main window at normal size? Alternatively, could you force everything that you paste into notes to adopt the default font? I realise the first option would be a lot harder to program, but it would be a big help.

Also, would it be possible for us to have an option to rename projects?

Thanks again for your awesome software. I’ve written basically a whole book in it.

For pasting, use the Paste Plain Text option on the toolbar.

You can rename a project the same way you rename a scene or note. Select the Project name in the Document tree and use the F2 short cut menu.

Oh, alright! Thanks! Never mind then, I guess.

Oh, there is one other thing though. It’s not important, but would it be possible to make it so that if the program can’t find a folder, it gives you the option to make one?

Do you mean a Windows folder? The only time a Windows folder is created is when you create a new project, and that dialog does have a “Make New Folder” option on the popup dialog.

That’s odd. It has always failed for me. Oh well, I may have an older version. I guess I’ll update, as that’s all of them. Thanks a lot for your patience.