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Some pages are blank HELP

Due to a power outage my computer turned off suddenly and when the power came back, I opened my SmartEdit Writer app. But some pages are blank, and I had like 10k+ in each of them… very important and lots of information. I don’t have the backup thing on because I assumed that the little saver thing in the top right saves the thing automatically, and sometimes I’d press it myself.

There are a few other files called like AtomicLog-2021-10-11 that seems to contain more information but I can’t open them!! Help please!! How do I get my stuff!?

If you hadn’t configured your backups to backup each time you closed a project, you can still recover the text of your work – though it’s not in an easy-to-access format. Details of how to access these backups are in this blog post, under the section titled “Fail-safe or Secondary Backups”

Ah, thanks for replying. Seems they’re gone there too. I am sad.

If those files are gone, then it sounds like something wiped part of your Windows Documents folder during your outage. You need to switch on automatic backups and backup to an external location such as a Dropbox or other cloud folder, otherwise a PC failure could cause you to lose everything.