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Some Huge Problems - Maybe me?



I used the previous smart edit version quite a bit on some novels, and found it very helpful, much better than other similar programs.

I just downloaded this version, and am experimenting with it on Word 2013.

I ran all the checks and Repeated words result comes up as the first check. But I can’t scroll through the checks by clicking on the small arrows. When I click on the right arrow, it takes me to Repeated Phrases, then click on it again it takes it to Adverb Results, etc. The old F6 and F7 hot keys don’t work either. I can double click on each chunk of text and I’ll get there. Or I can use the giant arrows on the menu screen. That works too.

What I liked about the previous version is how quickly I could run through the checks using the hot keys.

I also only write on a laptop these days, so space is at a premium. When I used the previous version, I hid the menu and ran through the checks using the hot keys.

I do like how it looks. Much better than the previous version.



The small arrows to the right of the drop down list of checks are to take you to the next set of results. Repeated words, followed by repeated phrases, etc. The shortcut keys slipped out during the version 6 build for some reason – they’ll be back in as before in the next release.

One of the major changes with this version is the expanded ‘fragment’ that now displays a complete sentence or in some cases collection of sentences for context, rather than just a few words. This is designed to make it less necessary to jump into the document to see each result, as you should be able to cast an eye over the full context of a result there and then, making repeated use of the shortcut keys less necessary. Regardless, the shortcut keys should have been carried across and will be back soon.

This will still work when the shortcuts go back in.


So the idea is you go through the checks with the up and down arrow keys or the sidebar, seeing the whole thing each time. Then if you want to go into the text you double click on it and there you are.

That’s pretty nice.

Even with the hot key option, I can see preferring to do it this way instead.

This kind of work to me is such a pain in the butt that the easier and faster it is the happier I am. This does seem better!

Good stuff.