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SmartEdit Writer Version 8 Released

There are a couple of nice new features in this release.

1. A range of new themes have been added
These can be accessed from the Actions & Tools menu. Some of the Office 2016 and 2019 themes are quite attractive; some of the others less so, but each to their own. Not being a fan of dark themes, I quite like “Office 2016 Colorful”

If you change your active theme and ever want to get back to the old theme, it’s “Office 2013 White” for the regular theme and “Office 2016 Black” for the dark theme.

2. New Feature: Copy Scene
This allows you to take a copy of an individual scene, placing it inside the selected scene as a sub-scene, and naming it with the current date. It’s similar to snapshots in PageFour, but far more accessible.

As with much of SmartEdit Writer, this feature is not rigid in how it’s implemented. You decide how to work with the copies. Rename them, send them to Fragments, whatever you want to do.

My vision for this was a writer sitting down to edit a scene, hitting the Create Copy button first, then comfortably deleting,chopping and changing the scene, all the time aware that a copy exists from before the changes that he can refer back to later.

Copies are always marked as copies (with a copy icon), never form part of a single document export, and are never checked when running any Editor functionality. Example:

This new feature will probably be expanded later into a wider Category / Tagging feature, but for now its use case is simple copies as you work and edit. Feedback is more than welcome here. [More info]

3. Opening a scene now ALWAYS positions that scene at the end of the open list
This reverses a change that went in back in version 2. It shouldn’t have gone in to begin with, as it added confusion and made it more difficult to use the multi-tab close options effectively.

If you want to change the order of open scenes, you can still do that using drag and drop on the tab headers.

4. Bug fixes

Download here

Change log here

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I may be crazy, but I wanted to report this ASAP. When I double-click on a Scene, sometimes it appears at the right of the tab row, and sometimes near the left end. This was right after installing, using Huck Finn.

I’ll test more, but my first impression is that it’s alternating left and right with each subsequent double-click.

Interesting. After closing all the originally open tabs, the new tabs are now appearing at the right end every time. Some kind of initialization must have been needed when the Huck file was first opened.


Very strange Allen. I haven’t been able to duplicate that yet.

I’m fairly confident (for no valid reason) that it has to do with the initial state of my Huck file (which I haven’t edited, but it’s been closed several times). It might also be dependent on Huck being the first file opened after installation.

I’m testing this further, and I’ll report back in a few minutes.


I can’t make it happen. Might as well put this in the false alarm bucket.

In opening and closing SEW many times, however, I did notice one significant but simple annoyance, one which InDesign inflicts on users also. The app doesn’t remember the last size and position. Every time I open SEW, it opens to about 90% of my screen. Since I use a UHD display, that means it covers up a lot of other apps, and hogs my whole work environment until I get the mouse pointer positioned right on that tiny corner hotspot and drag the window size back to what I want.

Note that the app is coming up in “restored” mode, but it’s not honoring the last restored position and size.

I sure hope this is a quick fix! (But don’t rush …)


This is probably happening because you closed it when it was full screen and it had no valid position and size remembered. If you close the app when it’s not full screen and when it’s the desired size, it should remember that from then on, even if you closed it next as full screen.

Another instance when this can occur is if you change monitors. An example being you plug a lap top into a larger screen and vice versa. If the last saved dimensions can’t be applied to the current screen, it will open as you described, until you again close while not full screen.

Yes, but I never use it full screen (never have on this system). I had, however, used the double-click-on-top-edge maneuver to make the app full height. And a few more tests seem to confirm that this is the issue. Instead of waking up at the previous restore size & position, or at the immediately previous full-height but not full width size & position, it interprets whatever that last state was as being “90% of full-screen”.

If I close SEW from a size & position that’s not “docked” to full height, then it does wake up with the correct restore params.

I haven’t ever looked at what Windows leaves behind when an app closes after being height-maxed. I do know that Windows saves (at least until the app closes) the previous size & position before being height-maxed, but that might not persist. Or, maybe just checking the height as “max” is being interpreted as meaning the width is maxed as well?

Anyway, it’s less of a mystery now…


I understand now. Height maxed is not something I check for. Shouldn’t be that hard to handle, I think.


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These themes are lovely! You have spoiled us for choice. Thank you, Darren!

I pushed a quick update this morning (8.1). The new Create Copy feature was counting copies towards Document and daily word count totals in error.

I’ve also fixed that height resizing issue you found @ATC.


The many skins are an embarrassment of riches! Thanks for that.

Confirmed: last 2 bugs I reported seem to be completely fixed.

And, considering further the tab-bar management issues, I now wonder if your tab control provides for MULTIPLE ROWS. This would be, in many scenarios, much more useful than sideways scrolling.

Is multi-row tab mode a possibility for some future release?



I’ll look into the multi row ability Allen. Might be an easier solution to the off-screen tabs.

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I use a couple of other tabbed tools, and now that I think about it, multi-row would be tremendously more useful for working on a complex piece, so I hope it turns out to be an easy option in the editor DLL.

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Darren, after installing V8.1 my scene’s default font changed from Verdana back to the software’s default Calibri. In one project some paragraphs changed back to Calibri and others remained as Verdana. Font size and other formatting was not altered.

Thanks for the report. It looks like the default font is broken. I’m working on it.

Don’t go making changes to fonts to try and fix it locally - wait for me to fix it with a new release.


Good Lord! That’s a LOT of themes! So many, I have trouble telling some of them apart! Fortunately, there is one I like!

I did have one worrisome issue after the upgrade, a message flashed by during the initial launch of 8.1 that told me an error occurred and ‘something’ needed to be done. I’m not sure what needed to be done because it disappeared before I could fully read it. After the pop-up disappeared, the program closed. Then when I restarted, the program started normally and it has not been problematic so far.

At any rate, this is still my favorite writing program. Thanks.

Are you sure it wasn’t just the popup telling you it had upgraded your project to 8.1?

Reasonably sure, I hadn’t selected any project at that point. The conversion notices last long enough for me to read.