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SmartEdit Writer 8.8 Released

Version 8.8 was released this morning. This latest version includes the addition of optional page breaks to the Export as a Single Document process. The following new options are available on the settings dialog:

A more detailed explanation is in the Knowledge Base here:

And the new version can be downloaded here.

Thanks for this update, Darren!

I’m looking forward to being able to use the optional page breaks setting during Export.

Many of my writer friends tried to convince me to use Scrivener but I’ve found that SmartEdit Writer was much easier to learn and isn’t crammed with a bunch of features I probably won’t use. It’s a great program. I’m glad I found it.


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I’ve tried t keep it simple Linda. Lack of complexity makes for a better app for most users. Not all users, but most. The price you end up paying for simplicity is losing some users with their own “must have” feature. Implementing all the “must haves” puts you on the wrong side of the Featuritus Curve.