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SmartEdit Writer 8.2 Released

This release fixes the default font issue introduced earlier.

Also, a few other changes I was working on made it in here:

  • Left and right sections now have new tabs and close options at the bottom of the screen, making navigation easier
  • A Multi-line word processor tabs option is now available (Settings dialog)
  • The default theme has been changed. Change it back to “Office 2013 White” if you don’t like it.

Download here

Hey, thanks for the multi-line tab bar! And the tabs, etc., at the bottom are very handy.


Thank you for such a great and intelligent software.
are you going to support right to left languages like Arabic anytime soon?

Not anytime soon I’m afraid

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Darren, I’ll probably have time to update the manual this coming weekend. I haven’t forgotten about it, just kept a little bit quite recently due to planning our move.
Covid-19 put the brakes on it, but didn’t cancel it. We just had (still have) to work around it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Hans. There’s no rush at all. Many of the screenshots on the website haven’t been updated yet.