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SmartEdit Writer 7.5 Released

This release contains a number of bug fixes and smaller changes. Details on the Change Log page.

Download here.

Thanks, Darren. Downloaded v7.5 and use it already. :slight_smile:
Let me know when the Knowledge Base it updated. I’ll go there and update the user manual accordingly.
I could do my own screenshots and add content, but some users could be confused if user manual and Knowledge Base content are not identical.

Thanks Hans. There aren’t any changes needed to the manual for this release — mainly bug fixes and minor changes.

Knowledge Base: The word processor bar screenshot still doesn’t show the 3rd option of special characters (Omega symbol, v7.3). That’s been the last added feature. Everything afterwards was bug fixes so far - apparently including this one. I can take a screenshot from my SEW version (Word processor), add some short text to it, and deliver the updated PDF manual with cover shown version 7.5 between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to you.

Thanks Hans. I’d forgotten about that earlier change.

Thanks for the update!

The newest version of the PDF manual is now available for download. Thanks to Hans for putting all that together.

Download here >>

Your install files are all coming as corrupt at the source according to the installer. I cannot install your 7.5 build to my new computer.

Try downloading using a browser that’s not Chrome.