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SmartEdit results section blank or off page


A small number of users using the latest versions of Word 2016 (courtesy of Office 365) have reported an issue where the results sections of SmartEdit are either blank or partially outside of Word.

This is caused by recent Word releases where Microsoft are working on display improvements for high resolution monitors. We expect to have a fix for this shortly.

It used to be that new versions of Word occurred every 3 years but Microsoft are changing this model with Office 365, rolling out significant changes as part of normal and regular Windows updates.

Anyone experiencing this, please leave a comment below so we can keep track of how many users are affected. And keep an eye on this topic for updates on when the fix will be ready.


My SmartEdit software became un-usable with a Word update. The SmartEdit results appear in a separate window and can’t be merged with the text.


This issue is resolved in the 6.03 release from 2 days ago.


This is happening to me now (10/12/18). All of the computers in my house updated this morning, and now Smart Edit panes are showing up outside of Word and I can’t click on them at all. How can I fix this?


Have you upgraded to the latest 6.61 version? You should uninstall SmartEdit using Windows Add / Remove software, then download and install the current version.