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SmartEdit Pro Released Today


The next incarnation of SmartEdit is the Pro version that’s been planned for a few months now. It went live earlier today. SmartEdit Pro is aimed at editors who work with a number of different writers.

It’s an expanded version of SmartEdit for Word with some extra pieces of functionality. Namely, generating external reports (PDF, Word docs, etc.) and the creation of projects so that different rules can be applied to different writers, books or genrés.

You can read more about what’s in it in the Knowledge Base here.

And there’s a blog post talking about it here.

Not everyone will have a use for SmartEdit Pro. Most writers working on their stand-alone novel won’t need the extra functionality and should carry on using SmartEdit for Word.

There’s no trial, but the Knowledge Base topic linked to above contains sample reports you can download.

If you do want to upgrade from SmartEdit for Word to SmartEdit Pro, it’s a paid upgrade, with a 20% discount until the end of the month. You can upgrade from within the latest 6.3 version of SmartEdit for Word, or from the website after entering your license key. (Upgrade price with discount is $37.60)

SmartEdit for Word 6.3 Download.

Upgrade Page.

With the release of SmartEdit for Atomic Scribbler a few weeks ago and SmartEdit Pro today, we’ve now stopped selling the original stand-alone version of SmartEdit.